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Many of us fondly remember the comfort of our mother’s embrace by way of the fragrance she wore. Drawing on this, and inspired by her time living in France, Shyleena has developed a range of Fragrances that are suited to the preferences of women in Malaysia and that are suited for tropical conditions. Our first two fragrances are shared below:

Parfum D’Ailes (The scent of wings)
Floral Oriental

A seductive floral-oriental composition capturing the ultra-feminine essence of independent women.

A personification of freedom and limitless potential of feminine strength, Perfume D’Ailes features the regal damask rose and intoxicating jasmine sambac as the heart notes, with opening notes of creamy coconut and sweet honey, anchored by the base notes of cedarwood and patchouli.

Parfum D’Hópe ( The scent of hope)

A charismatic oriental wood composition with a touch of spice. An interpretation of inner strength and quiet confidence.

Representing the hopes and aspirations of a good life, Parfum D’Hope features an opening of uplifting pepper top note, with leather and vanilla heart notes, patchouli, vetiver, and amber base notes.

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